Judge.Me and WISER integration: Boost Conversions with Social Proof on Product Recommendations

As an online store, you’re sure to get a large amount of traffic to your store. Unfortunately, most of these store visitors leave as quickly as they come. You need to be able to keep your store visitors on your store for longer with effective engagement tactics.

However, just engaging your customers isn’t enough. If your Shopify store doesn’t come across as credible, they’ll abandon your store, despite your efforts to make them stay.

How do you engage and build credibility within your store visitors? We have a new integration to help you achieve just this!

Announcing our new integration with Judge.me Product Reviews.

WISER now integrates with Judge.me, a product review app that allows Shopify stores to collect and display reviews on your product pages. With this integration, you can show reviews within your product recommendations to get shoppers to stay on your store for longer.

We’ll explain how it works.

But, why is such an integration important?

This is because reviews are an integral part of a Shopify store’s success. Think about the last time you read an online review before making a purchase because you weren’t sure of the quality that the brand would offer!

Why are Product Reviews Important?

As an online store, your shoppers are not able to feel, test, or get any physical understanding of your product. All they have to go on is with your assurance of how great the product really is. And, honestly, that isn’t credible enough to convince the shoppers to shop from you. This is where product reviews come into play.

Product reviews allow you to let shoppers know what other customers who have bought the product have to say about it. With the validation of another customer, your shopper will feel more confident to buy from you.

Displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by 270%. This just goes to show the trust that reviews can build among your shoppers.

impact of displaying reviews

Many Shopify stores even ask customers to provide product pictures so that shoppers can see what the product looks like in real life.

What does Judge.me do?

Judge.me is a Shopify app that allows you to collect and display ratings and reviews of your products on your Shopify store. Such social proof can help you increase conversions by showing you as a credible store and assuring shoppers of the quality of your product.

With customizable product review tabs, shareable features, SEO snippet functionality, and unlimited review collection, Judge.me helps you build a library of reviews for your products.

What does WISER do?

Engage your shoppers better and increase the average time spent on your store with WISER.

WISER is a personalized product recommendations app for Shopify stores.

The Shopify app allows you to set up product recommendations on the storefront, product pages, and the cart. These personalized and relevant recommendations ensure that the shopper doesn’t drop off from your store after viewing a product. Instead, the shopper will see these recommendations and click through to another similar product or a product they previously viewed.

Now, with this integration with Judge.me, your product recommendations can be even more effective. When viewing a product recommendation, your shoppers will also see high ratings for the product by other customers. This validation of the product’s quality can help you build credibility and increase your sales.

How does the Judge.me and WISER integration work?

To increase credibility and shopper engagement on your Shopify store, you need to first install the 2 apps:

Now that you have both the apps, you can enable the integration and set up recommendations that build trust. You can enable the integration within the WISER dashboard.

Follow the steps to integrate the apps on our helpdesk.

Once integrated, all the recommendation widgets that you set up will show ratings under the product. Your shoppers will instantly be shown why they need to shop from your store, making them more likely to shop from you.

judge.me and wiser integration result

Why do you need Judge.me and WISER integration?

With this integration, merchants can solve two problems they face with their Shopify store:

1. Lack of social proof in products leads to lesser conversions

You need to show that other shoppers are buying and loving your products. As an online store, this is hard. You can, however, build your credibility as a merchant with reviews. By setting up and collecting reviews from your customers, you can let your shoppers know that the product they are looking at is well-loved by others who bought it. Shoppers can get honest opinions about the item from others and even see pictures of the products that customers have uploaded.

What’s more, product reviews can help you grab the attention of shoppers who are casually browsing through your Shopify store. They will be assured of your credibility and be able to trust you more, resulting in more purchases.

2. Low shopper engagement leads to higher bounce rates

The average time spent on an online store is about 5 minutes. This means that a store visitor is lost forever if you don’t have tactics to engage them and make them stay on your Shopify store for longer.

With personalised product recommendations, you can give your shoppers more reasons to stay back on your store and browse for longer, even purchase one of the recommendations. Whether this is a ‘Recently Viewed’ product recommendation or products that are similar to the item that the shopper is looking at, recommendations help you increase engagement and guide the shopper to a purchase.

Simply put, bringing these two features together— recommendations and reviews— can ensure that your Shopify store is optimized to increase engagement and sales.

You need to give your shoppers a compelling reason to click through from your product recommendations.

Ready to increase engagements and build social proof on your Shopify store?

Install the Judge.me Product Reviews app and explore WISER product recommendation widgets today.

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