ReConvert and WISER Integration: Drive Sales and Repeat Purchases by Displaying Recommendations on Thank You Page

Once your shopper has placed an order on your store, they are shown a thank you page. However, for most Shopify stores, this thank you page is minimal and isn’t optimized to keep the shopper on the store for longer or even bring in repeat purchases. Optimizing your thank you page and adding custom elements is crucial to make the shopper stay on your store and avoid dropoffs.

One way to make your thank you page more effective is with personalized product recommendations. With this, you can show recommendations that are relevant to the shopper and their interests, ensuring a better engagement rate. We have a new integration to help you achieve just this! 

Announcing our new integration with ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell!

WISER now integrates with ReConvert, an app that allows Shopify stores to customize their thank you pages. With this integration, you can display product recommendations on your thank you page to increase repeat purchases.

We’ll explain how it works. 

But, why is such an integration important?

Your thank you page has the potential to engage your shoppers and nudge them to shop again. And you can successfully do this with product recommendations!

Why Do You Need to Optimize Your Thank You Page?

Repeat purchases are the way to sustain and grow your Shopify store. It’s easier and cheaper to re-engaging past shoppers than acquiring new customers. In fact, repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers.

Merchants use common tactics like email and SMS to re-engage past shoppers. However, one opportunity that many miss out on is the thank you page. The thank-you page is shown to a shopper after they have completed placing an order. By optimizing this page with personalized recommendations, surveys, blogs, and timers, you can successfully get your shoppers to stay on your store for longer. You can nudge them to wishlist other products, review past orders, sign up for your loyalty program, and even shop again!

What does ReConvert do?

ReConvert is a Shopify store that allows you to optimize your thank you page. The app provides a drag-and-drop interface to allow you to customize the page and its layout easily. You can set up different kinds of elements on the thank you page discount— pop-ups, cross-sell tactics, reorder buttons, surveys, images, and videos, to name a few.

With built-in templates, analytics, and integrations with multiple apps, ReConvert is your one-stop solution to optimize your thank you page the way you want to.repeat purchases

What does WISER do?

Engage your shoppers better and increase the average time spent on your store with WISER. 

WISER is a personalized product recommendations app for Shopify stores.

With this app, you can set up highly relevant product recommendations on the storefront, product pages, and the cart. These personalized and relevant recommendations ensure that the shopper doesn’t drop off from your store after viewing a product. Instead, the shopper will see these recommendations and click through to another similar product or a product they previously viewed. 

Now, with this integration with ReConvert, you can set up personalized thank you pages. Once the shopper has purchased a product, they will see a thank you page. With the integration enabled, the shopper will be shown highly relevant product recommendations that will nudge them to make a repeat purchase.

repeat purchases

How Does the ReConvert and WISER integration work?

To increase credibility and shopper engagement on your Shopify store, you need to first install the 2 apps:

Now that you have both the apps, you can enable the integration and set up recommendations on your thank you page. You can enable the integration within the ReConvert dashboard. 

Follow the steps to integrate the apps on our helpdesk.

Once integrated, set up specific recommendations on the thank you page and customize it to exclude specific products. Post-purchase, your shoppers will be shown these recommendations on the thank you page. 

Why do you need ReConvert and WISER integration?

With this integration, merchants get to achieve 2 goals on their Shopify store:

1. Tap into opportunities to sell more on the thank you page.

Shoppers drop off from your store after purchasing. With an optimized thank you page, you can show helpful blogs and product recommendations to cross-sell products that would complement their past purchase. This way, the shopper will stay on the store for longer and browse your products, increasing repeat purchases.

2. Show personalized product recommendations to increase repeat purchases.

Shoppers will buy more from your store if the products being recommended to them is relevant to their shopping and browsing history. With personalized product recommendations on the thank you page, you can show highly relevant products that the shopper would be interested in. These recommendations can help you nudge the shopper to buy more and maximize the sales you generate through them.

Simply put, by showing product recommendations on your thank you page, you can optimize your store to reduce dropoffs and increase engagement to drive repeat sales.

You need to give your shoppers a compelling reason to stay on your Shopify store for longer. The best way to do this is with an optimized thank you page!

Ready to increase sales and repeat purchases on your Shopify store?

Install the ReConvert app and explore WISER product recommendation widgets today.

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