Powering global Shopify & Shopify Plus brands with AI based personalized recommendations

Global brands use the WISER Shopify app to deliver personalized shopping experiences at scale to customers.

Leverage the power of AI-based personalized recommendations

Analyse browsing patterns, preferences, order data, interests and much more with the WISER Shopify app. Provide a personalized shopping experience across web, mobile and email to drive upto 35% higher conversions.


Increase in Customer Engagement


Increase in Monthly Sales


Recommendation Features


Increase in Average Order Value

I absolutely love this app. Our sales have increased since using it. We also needed some customizations done and the team completed it quickly. They are very knowledgeable and are a pleasure to work with.

This app has been amazing for us thus far. The install/setting up process has been smooth, their support team has been quick to answer our questions, they have been tremendous in helping us find solutions to problems. Overall, this has been worth every penny.

One of the best product recommendation tools we have ever used! The team is excellent and goes out of the way to help clients. Really love their assisted model of support wherein the customer service manager does the setup. Keep up the good work Wiser Team!

Powerful product recommendations app for Shopify

WISER comes with multiple product recommendations widgets that help you set up upsell and cross-sell experiences across your store and on emails.

Inspired by Browsing Pattern - AI Based

Wiser tracks the user behaviour and recommend products based on their browsing pattern. Our AI based automated recommendations helps in showing accurate recommendations.

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AI Frequently Bought Together

Show the products which were purchased together by your previous customers with this widget. Wiser shows frequently bought together based on past order data and also based on conditional logic as well.

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Post Purchase Upsell

Offer Post Purchase Upsell to show the product recommendations after checkout page when the user is already paying for the items they are buying plus they are receptive to additional items you show them.

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Thankyou Page Recommendation

Give customers more reasons to come back to your Shopify store. Show product recommendations at the thank you page.

Related Products

Show products related to what your shopper is already looking at. Show products from similar collections, product types, and tags to provide a positive browsing experience on your Shopify store.

Cart Page Recommendations

Show the products relevant or related to the items in a customer’s cart and increase the order value by that. Wiser shows automated recommendations on cart page as well.

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Wiser Pops - Upsell by Smart Popups

Wiser Pops is another exciting feature of Wiser app that allows you to show the product recommendations in nice popups which you can trigger based on various conditions.

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Email Recommendations

Show personalized recommendations across various email types. Order notifications, shipment updates, account creation emails, and more to elevate user experience, increase product exposure and ultimately drive sales.

Recently Viewed Products

Show your shoppers which products they recently looked at. Use their browsing history to increase the chances of bagging a new purchase.

Shopify brands love the WISER upsell app

Trusted by brands across fashion and apparel, clothing, health and wellness, and many more.

Turn personalized shopping experiences into growth for your Shopify store


Wiser uses your customer's activity history to set up recommendations while they browse your Shopify store, creating opportunities to convert them.

Additional revenue

Shopify stores have seen a 20 to 30% increase in conversions after setting up Wiser recommendations. Create a shopping experience that assures more revenue!


Set up personalized recommendation widgets on your Shopify store with Wiser app to bring your customers back to products they have their eye on.

Industry leading eCommerce personalized recommendations engine for Shopify stores

All of your eCommerce personalization needs in one powerful easy-to-use platform.

best product recommendations app for Shopify

Personalization at scale with product recommendations

Display product recommendations dynamically based on visitor activity on your store. From recently viewed products to previous purchases and more, the WISER Shopify app tracks data in real-time to offer personalized shopping experiences at scale.

Recommend products on the cart page and cart drawer

Upsell and cross-sell on your cart page or cart drawer by displaying personalized recommendations with the WISER app. Display related products, trending items, frequently bought together and other product recommendations to increase your average order value.

Display personalized recommendations on cart page
best product recommendations app for Shopify

Display frequently bought together products

Our AI-based recommendation engine learns from your store visitor behaviour, and recommends items that are usually bought together by shoppers.

Nudge your future store visitors to buy more from you by subtly hinting what others are purchasing!

Upsell using personalized recommendations on popups

WISER also gives you the ability to display product recommendations on popups.

Introduce shoppers to higher-value products using upsell popups and increase average order value in no time!

send personalized recommendations on email
best product recommendations app for Shopify

Introduce shoppers to related products

Nudge store visitors to explore more products on your site by displaying Related Products on your pages.

Our AI-based related products make use of past sales history of the store and a product matching algorithm to check similarities in items based on title, collection, content and user behaviour.

Email recommendations for communication that converts

Send personalized product recommendations on email to turn every communication into more sales. Add them in order status emails, newsletters, back in stock email alerts and more. The WISER Shopify app integrates with the best email marketing apps like MailChimp and Klaviyo.

send personalized recommendations on email
best product recommendations app for Shopify

Engage visitors with recommendations based on browsing pattern

The WISER recommendation engine learns from a visitor’s browsing behavior to recommend products that they are more likely to be interested in.

Our ‘Inspired by Browsing’ recommendation widget is as powerful as that of Amazon!

Track recommendations-generated sales with powerful analytics

Get in-depth analytics into the sales you generate by displaying personalized product recommendations on your Shopify store. Track conversions page-wise and widget-wise to understand how shoppers interact with your website. From click through rates, add to carts to the sales generated, we’ll help you keep track of it all.

Analytics dashboard of the WISER app

Integrate the AI-powered WISER app with your favorite Shopify apps

Do more with personalized recommendations by integrating the app with the best Shopify apps for reviews, page builders and more.