Drive Your Store’s AOV: Ultimate Guide on Post Purchase Upselling

Post-purchase upselling

Upselling and cross-selling techniques are a game-changing strategy to boost your sales. While upselling can be implemented at various stages of the buyer’s journey, from the moment your customer first lands on your website to the final checkout, there is one particular phase where the upselling magic truly happens: the post purchase upselling.

As customers reach the checkout stage, they’ve already made their buying decision, making them more receptive to additional items. Data reveals that upselling can boost revenue by up to 30% while fostering stronger customer relationships.

If you haven’t tapped into the power of post-purchase upsells yet, now is the perfect time to explore this opportunity.

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With the user-friendly WISER AI app, launching, customizing, and analyzing your post-purchase offers has never been easier. Let’s dive in and witness the magic in action!

Towards the end, you will also get to know different ways of post purchase upselling that are sure to convert.

Setting Up Post Purchase Upsell Offers on Shopify Store with WISER is this easy!

  1. Setting Up the Offer: Before you start with setting up your post purchase upselling offer make sure to select “Wiser” in the Shopify checkout settings under the “Post-purchase page” section. This will ensure that Wiser offers are shown to your customers. When you open WIser app a dialog box will appear enabling you to make changes in the settings regarding the same.
  2. Creating Funnel: Next, on the left side of the wiser dashboard you will see the ‘Post Purchase Upsell’ option. Selecting which you are asked to ‘create a Funnel’. This funnel is created to select different conditions and products you want to offer to your customers. 
    • Give a name to your funnel.
    • Select whether you want to show the offer to all the customers, OR 
    • Select a particular product (product/s you’ll offer after a purchase is made) or particular collection (the products that will trigger the post-purchase offer) that should be shown to customers.

Post Purchase Upselling - conditions

    • To proceed further, you are to choose the products that you want to offer in the Post Purchase Upselling campaign based on conditions selected previously. If you wish to change then click the “Edit” button to change the trigger product.

Post Purchase Upselling - Select Product

  1. Customization on upsell offers – There is abundance of flexibility, granting you complete control over the configuration of your offers. This allows you to tailor the offer precisely to your liking:
    • Trigger Products: You have the freedom to handpick either one or multiple trigger products. These chosen products will act as the catalysts for the offer, activating its benefits.
    • Offer Products: Similarly, you have the autonomy to select one or multiple offer products that will be included in the enticing deal. These products will be made available to customers under the terms of the offer.
    • Time control: Set the desired time limit for the offer to create urgency (post which the user will be redirected to thank you page)
    • Discount Customization: Should you desire, you can opt to apply a discount to the offer product(s). This discount can be specified as a percentage off the regular price or a specific dollar amount reduction, adding further allure to the deal.
    • Purchase Quantity Control: Moreover, you have the power to set a maximum quantity limit on the offered products that a customer can purchase. By defining this threshold, you can regulate the number of discounted items an individual customer can obtain, maintaining balance and fairness in the transaction.

This extraordinary degree of flexibility empowers you to shape your post purchase upselling offers precisely as you envision, ensuring optimal customization and effectiveness in driving customer engagement and satisfaction.

Post Purchase Upselling - customization

  1. The final Step – Once the funnel is created go to your store to verify the working of the post purchase upselling offer. On clicking the checkout button after providing all necessary details users will be shown the post purchase upsell page captivating them to spend a little more. The page will look like underneath.

Post Purchase Upselling - Final Look

When a customer makes a purchase that includes a trigger product, the offer is shown to them, and they can choose to make the extra purchase, or decline.

If the user accepts the offer and clicks on the pay now button, that product will be directly added to the payment list without the need for the user to enter shipping and card details again. On declining the offer the user will be redirected to the thankyou page.

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Post Purchase Upselling - Final Look

Setting up a Post Purchase Upsell is a breeze. The best way to find out what works for your store is to get in! 

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Try Out These Surefire Ways For Post Purchase Upselling Offers Conversions

  1. Aim for small upsells – small upsells provides a gentler and less risky approach that can yield higher acceptance rates, increased customer satisfaction, and the potential for long-term upsell success.
  2. Do the testing – testing is crucial when offering post purchase upselling as it enables you to optimize your offers, gain valuable customer insights, mitigate risks, maximize revenue, and adapt to changing market conditions. By incorporating testing as a regular practice, you can refine your upsell strategies and achieve better results over time.
  3. Feature relevant and complimentary products – This improves the customer experience, increases satisfaction, enhances upsell effectiveness. This demonstrates that you understand your customers and are committed to meeting their specific requirements, resulting in a positive and personalized experience. By aligning your upsells with the customer’s needs and preferences, you can create a win-win situation that benefits both the customer and your business.
  4. Create Urgency – It’s important to strike a balance when creating urgency, ensuring that the time-sensitive nature of the offer is genuine and aligns with customer expectations. By effectively employing urgency tactics, you can motivate customers to act promptly, leading to increased conversions, revenue, and customer satisfaction with your post purchase upselling.

If you’re not running any post purchase upselling offers on your store, consider trying them out. With a dedicated app like WISER, it’s super-easy and quick to launch, customize, and analyze.

If you want to give them a try, but need some help, we’ve got you covered!  The video below provides a quick overview of the full set up. 

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