[Feature] Now Exclude Products From Recommendation Widgets

Now Exclude Products From Recommendation Widgets

Learn how to exclude products from product recommendation widgets/ boxes and why it is important.

Sometimes, there are going to be a specific range of products or a collection that you do not want to display as product recommendations.

Maybe you want to remove a particular collection from being explored this way, a vendor that is selling in your store or a product type that does not get you much profit margin. The parameters can vary based on store to store, and the products you sell, or your sales strategy.

Introducing another smart feature of WISER – exclude products from product recommendations.

How to exclude products from product recommendation widget/ boxes?

1. Log into Shopify admin > Apps > WISER.

When you want to exclude products/ collections from product recommendations

2. From the left-hand side dropdown menu, Select Recommendations > Choose the widget you want to exclude products from

3. Once you select the widget you want to edit, scroll down to Exclude options

exclude products from product recommendations widget

This is where you need to add the parameters of the products or collections that need to be excluded from your recommendations widget/ boxes.

Please note that you can exclude the particular collection (add only handle name), vendor, tags and product type, from which you do not want to show products.

When you want to exclude out of stock products from recommendation widget

Another set of products that you should not be displaying in your recommendation widget, are those that ran out of stock.

Imagine recommending an item to a visitor, then navigating to the product page and finding out that the product they are interested in is no longer available – a disappointing experience. This can result in the visitor bouncing off your website instead of further exploring the options available to them.

To disable displaying out of stock products in product recommendations, you need to:

4. Go to the left-hand side menu > Customize Widgets > Scroll down to Out of Stock Settings

5. Under Out of Stock settings, toggle the setting applicable to you

how to exclude out of stock products from product recommendations

Note: When you grey out and out of stock product, you essentially indicate that the product was available on the site, but is no longer there. This can let the visitor know they can subscribe for a restock alert for that product if they’re really interested.

6. Click Save

What products should you exclude from the product recommendations widget?

  • Out of stock products
  • Seasonal products (eg. winter products in the summer season)
  • Low on popularity/ low-selling products
  • Non-discounted products (during the sale)
  • Discounted products (on product pages of high-value/ exclusive items)
  • And similar

Why should you exclude products from product recommendations widget?

If you want to be extremely careful about how you tailor a buyer’s journey on your website, excluding products can come handy.

In certain cases, excluding specific products or collections from your product recommendations widget can also help improve customer experience, boost product discoverability, promote high profit margin products instead and reduce dead ends in a shopping journey.

Simply put, excluding products is a recommendation strategy of its own.

If you need help understanding which products you should be excluding from your product recommendations widget, you can reach out to our customer success team from the dashboard chat!

Want to see how you can easily exclude products from product recommendations widget/ boxes without having to edit code on your Shopify store?

Install the WISER app today or book a demo.

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