[New Feature] Run Product Recommendations on Popups as Campaigns

show product recommendations as popup campaigns

Leverage personalized product recommendations on popups with WISER.

Remember how you launched a new collection or a range of products in your store, but somehow they never got the attention they deserve?

Or the last time when you were running discounts on a specific set of products for a limited period of time, and they did not even get noticed?

Time to fix that.

Introducing our new feature – Running product recommendations as campaigns.

WISER enables you to display dynamic personalized recommendations across your store based on visitor behavior, preferences, previous purchases and likes. Even on POPUPS!

But now it also lets you decide which products you’d like to put in the limelight on your popups.

With our new feature, you can choose to display a set of products in the popup product recommendation widget, and also define the time period for which these products need to be displayed there.

How to set up product recommendations as popup campaigns?

1. Log into Shopify admin > WISER

2. From the left hand menu, go to > Smart Upsell Popups

shopify app - wiser for product recommendations on popup

3. Click on > Create new popup

how to display product recommendations on popup

4. From the top menu, click on > Popup and scroll down to > Display Period

product recommendations on popups

Here you can select the start and end date for which you want to display this popup with the recommendations you have added.

5. Once you’re done, click > Save.

And you’re done!

What can you use product recommendation popup campaigns for?

  • To promote time-sensitive deals and offers on specific products
  • To announce new products or collections on your store
  • To announce limited edition products
  • To bring low-selling stock in the limelight for sales

Why should you use product recommendation popup campaigns?

Popups are extremely effective when it comes to grabbing visitor attention.

With product recommendations displayed on the popup, the offer you’re making on the window seems much more contextual.

Due to the above two reasons, the probability of a visitor clicking on the product recommendations in the popup increases.

The higher the number of clicks on the recommendations, the greater the chances of conversions and sales on the products you’re promoting in the campaign.

What happens when the popup campaign is over?

If the end date of your campaign is reached, WISER automatically disables the popup with product recommendations.

At the same time, it continues to display personalized recommendations based on the recommendation strategy you have implemented – be it showing top-selling products, frequently bought together items, trending products, inspired browsing and so on.

Ready to leverage this smart feature and upsell with smart product recommendations?

Install the WISER app today or book a demo.

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