Introducing Ecommerce Customer Journey Analytics on WISER

ecommerce customer journey analytics

It’s time to use ecommerce customer journey analytics and mapping to identify the right product recommendation strategy for your online store.

Ever wondered what happens after you drive traffic to your store – your homepage or a specific product page?

Ever wondered how a typical online shopper navigates through your website, and at what moment they decide to either leave the website or make a purchase?

It’s time to introduce customer journeys.

What is ecommerce customer journey analytics?

Ecommerce customer journey basically refers to the stages of a customer’s experience with your online store. It is mapping how they interact with your storefront from the get-go, starting from the moment they land on your website to the elements they use to navigate through the other pages to explore what you have to offer, to the point when they complete a purchase.

According to Shopify, here are the key stages involved in a customer’s journey with an online business.

The ecommerce customer journey of every consumer looks different. Some may come with a specific product in mind, while others may come simply to explore the products and discounts you have, making purchase decisions on the go.

Why is ecommerce customer journey analytics so important?

Having your ecommerce customer journey mapped out helps get answers to the following aspects around your store visitors:

  • Which product did visitors come looking for?
  • How did they research the product?
  • Which other products from the same range peaked their interest?
  • What criteria helped them make their purchase decision?
  • ​​Why were they looking for the product that they bought on your website?
  • What was their experience like on your website when buying the product and what can be improved?
  • How can you get a typical visitor to explore more products on your store?
  • Where do you experience the most number of drop-offs?
  • Which recommendation strategy is the best suited for your online store?

Simply put, ecommerce customer journeys give you an insight into how your store visitors think and their motivation behind making a purchase. This helps you present them with the right conversion elements at the right time, helping you keep them engaged throughout the process with a tailored shopping experience.

And with WISER, this is simpler.

Introducing customer journey analytics on WISER

Shopify store owners have a lot to handle – from managing their storefronts, marketing their products to ensuring good customer service and support. To understand how their store visitors interact with the site, they typically rely on tools like Google Analytics, and here’s what reading the behavioral flow looks like:

While ecommerce analytics tools give you detailed insights, they are often extremely overwhelming to read through and understand – as you can see from the screenshot above.

That’s why, to make things simpler for Shopify merchants using WISER for product recommendations on their store, we introduced customer journeys. This helps you get a simpler view at which product a store visitor came to explore and how he interacted with product recommendations and other offers to discover the other items you have on the site.

We make it a point to show you all the stages of the journey so that you can make informed decisions on which product recommendation strategy best converts your traffic – does displaying related products make more sense or do visitors convert more when you display top-selling items?

We get data-backed answers to these questions with our ecommerce customer journey mapping, to remove all assumptions and guesswork from your recommendation strategy.

Here’s a glimpse of what our ecommerce customer journey mapping looks like:

We also include the order summary right next to a buyer’s journey so that you can also see how their journey impacts the type of purchase and the value of purchase they make from your store.

Much simpler to read and take actionables from, right? That was the intention with this new feature on WISER.

Ready to map your ecommerce customer journey and implement a product recommendation strategy that doubles your sales?

Install the WISER app today or book a demo with us.

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