Increase Your AOV With Product Recommendations in Cart Drawer

show product recommendations in cart drawer on shopify

See how you can show product recommendations in cart drawer on your Shopify store.

Do you ever look into your customer and order data, wondering when they will start to make higher order value purchases?

Maybe it’s time for you to give them the nudge.

What is an average order value (AOV)?

Average order value refers to the average amount of money a visitor tends to spend while making a purchase or completing a transaction on your store. It is typically calculated by dividing the total revenue you generate in a defined period of time by the number of orders received during the same period.

Average order value (AOV) = Total revenue/ number of orders

What is a good average order value (AOV)?

As per surveys and studies, about 75% of ecommerce businesses state that their average order value is less than $100. But the average order value on your online store may vary based on a number of factors including the products you sell, the pricing of your products, the marketing and sales channels you use to reach your customers, and the discounts and deals running on your products.

As per Shopify, one of the best strategies to increase your average order value is to display personalized product recommendations on your store.

Displaying different types of product recommendations on different pages have a different impact on your overall conversions and sales, but there is one little hack that always works in getting people to buy something of a higher value or adding more items to their cart – tapping into their purchase-ready state of mind.

And we built an exclusive feature to help make this simpler.

Show product recommendations in cart drawer with WISER

Today, most online stores have a cart drawer feature enabled on the site.

This helps their store visitors add products to cart and continue exploring other products on the site, without having to move back and forth between the cart page and the rest of the website, making the shopping experience more seamless and easier.

The cart drawer feature also enables online shoppers to keep a close watch on their cart items and cart total, to be able to keep a check on their purchases.

On conducting a survey, here’s what we found customers doing:

  • People who added items to their cart drawer, appreciated the visibility of the items in the cart
  • Consumers with products in cart also often like to explore if there are ‘better’ options on the same items available on the site
  • People also like to ensure they are making a ‘complete’ purchase, and tend to explore frequently bought together items along with the products they have added to the cart

That’s why we decided it was time to enable online stores to do more with their cart drawers than just display the items added to it.

With WISER, you can now add product recommendations to your cart drawer. Learn more about our new feature here.

Here’s what the feature looks like in your Shopify cart drawer:

product recommendations in cart drawer

To set up cart drawer recommendations though, you need to install the WISER app and reach out to our customer success manager.

We will help you customize the different types of product recommendation widgets that WISER supports and add them to your cart drawer in no time.

To explore the new product recommendations in cart drawer feature, you can also book a demo with us here.

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