Strategies to Upsell and Cross-Sell Like Amazon With Personalized Product Recommendations

When selling your products online, you need to be able to continuously engage and keep the shopper on your Shopify store. By displaying personalized product recommendations, you can easily upsell and cross-sell products to your shoppers by dynamically suggesting items that they’re more likely to purchase. This means longer sessions on your store and more chances of conversion. 

Personalized recommendations account for 31% of an online store’s revenue.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the concept of using product recommendations for upselling and cross-selling, what these campaigns really mean, how you can optimize your in-store experience to offer Amazon-like product recommendations, and off-store strategies to re-engage shoppers to buy more. 

What are Upsell and Cross-Sell Campaigns?

Before we get into why you need to set up these 2 tactics, let’s understand what they are.

Upselling is a strategy where you influence the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons to increase the order value. For instance, if they are looking at a $50 shoe, you can show upsell offers for a $90 shoe that has more features.

Cross-selling is when you promote a different product or service to a customer to increase their order value. Unlike upsell, cross-sell allows the merchant to sell more items. The tactic is usually used to show shoppers that they must own the recommended product since it complements the product that they were intending to buy.

Say, for instance, your shopper adds a pair of shoes in their cart. With cross-selling, you’ll show them products like socks and shoe polish to make them increase their order value.

In-Store Strategies to Upsell and Cross-Sell Products With Product Recommendations like Amazon Does

1. Homepage Recommendations

When you land on Amazon, you start scrolling, planning to leave after getting that 1 item you wanted. But, surprisingly enough, you end up staying longer than you expected and buying more than just 1 item. Amazon’s homepage is filled with smart personalized product recommendations that the shopper can’t help but browse through and eventually convert on. 

You can easily set up homepage recommendations using Wiser. We recommend adding the New Arrivals widget and the Recently Viewed widget to your Shopify storefront. This will cater to both new and returning customers. 

Amazon uses different types of product recommendation widgets on the homepage:

  • New products and collections
  • Inspired by your browsing history
  • Your browsing history/ recently viewed products 
  • Related products 

upsell and cross-sell

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For example, 123Presets displays its New Preset collections on the home page to make sure they get noticed, with Wiser. This type of product recommendations helps them introduce their new products to visitors that might miss out on them otherwise.

new arrivals product recommendations widget

Read how 123Presets increased their conversions by 24% using product recommendations.

2. Product Page Recommendations

When shoppers reach the end of your product page, they literally reach a dead end. A large number of your shoppers then drop-off your store. By placing cross-sell and upsell product recommendations on your product page, you can easily ensure shoppers keep browsing more products and eventually, end up making a purchase.

Using Wiser, you can place recommendation widgets on your product page. We recommend adding the ‘Similar Products’ recommendation widget as well as the ‘‘Inspired By Your Browsing’ widget to give your shoppers multiple options to choose from.upsell and cross-sell

Amazon has placed these recommendation widgets on their product page:

  • Customers Who Viewed This Also Bought
  • Customers who bought this item also bought
  • Bestsellers
  • Your browsing history

Kappa USA uses the same approach on their product pages to sell more. They display the ‘others also bought’ product recommendations widget – which is similar to ‘customers who viewed this also bought’.

kappa usa product recommendations with wiser

Read how Kappa USA increased their sales with product recommendations using Wiser by 17%.

3. Cart Page Recommendations

Place cross-sell recommendations on your cart so that shoppers who are about to checkout can add more items before they do. Cart page recommendations allow you to increase average order value effectively. 

You can directly set up personalized product recommendations on the cart page and define what kind of recommendations you want to display. Wiser also integrates with SlideCart to make it easier for you to add upsell and cross-sell recommendations on the cart drawer. 

On the cart page, we suggest adding ‘Inspired By Your Browsing’ or ‘Related Products’ recommendations to encourage upsell or display ‘Frequently Bought Together’ offers to cross-sell and increase AOV.

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4. Thank You Page Recommendations

Your existing customers are easier to sell to than having to acquire new customers. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. One of the best strategies to sell to them is using cross-sell tactics. By showing existing customers cross-sell recommendations based on their past purchases, you can easily convert them. And where better to convert them than on your thank you page!

The thank-you page is shown to a customer after they finish placing an order. This means that the customer is still invested in the store. By displaying cross-sell recommendations on the thank you page, you can increase your chances of reconverting the customer as quickly as possible.

ReConvert allows you to customize your thank you page. The app integrates with Wiser to display upsell and cross-sell recommendations. This product recommendation gives you the opportunity to show products that the shopper may be interested in, ensuring repeat purchases. 

Read more about how this can work for your Shopify store with the ReConvert and Wiser for product recommendations integration.

Off-Store Strategies to Upsell and Cross With Personalized Product Recommendations

5. Email Marketing

Who doesn’t like using email to market and promote their products? With a personal and direct way of communicating with customers, almost every Shopify merchant uses email to increase their sales. Email marketing apps allow you to understand your email subscribers, segment them the way you want, and set up highly specific email campaigns. 

Using your email marketing app, you can set up campaigns that upsell shoppers who have abandoned their cart to nudge them not only to come back to shop but also to increase their order value. Or, you can cross-sell products based on what the shopper has already bought, sending an email to bring in repeat purchases.

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing app for Shopify merchants. Using the app, you can set up automated emails that upsell and cross-sell to shoppers. With analytics and conversion reports, the app makes it easier for you to track the results of your email campaigns and optimize them to increase conversions. 

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6. Facebook Messenger

There are 1.3 billion Messenger users globally. Facebook Messenger is a popular platform. With chatbots and Messenger marketing platforms, it’s easier for merchants like you to set up Messenger marketing and tap into this channel to talk to your customers better. This channel can easily be used to upsell and cross-sell products to your shoppers and increase purchases from these short and enticing Messenger promotions.

Octane AI is a Shopify app built for Messenger marketing. Using the app, you can set up a conversational flow that shows upsell product recommendations to shoppers who abandoned their cart. The functionalities of such marketing apps are immense and it’s important as a growing store to leverage this.

7. Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are sent directly to the shopper’s screen, ensuring your message is highly visible. Send web push notifications to shoppers who have bought specific products and promote products that they will enjoy using with the product they previously bought.

This channel is perfect for cross-selling. You can install OneSignal to start cross-selling to your web push subscribers. 

You can send notifications on OneSignal by segmenting your subscribers based on a specific product they have bought and sending product recommendations that pair well with that product.

For instance, if you sell headphones, you can target shoppers who bought Sony headphones and recommend a Sony headphone stand that suits their purchase.

8. SMS

If you don’t already have SMS set up as a marketing channel, you are missing out. Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook. This is why they are also a great channel to use to upsell and cross-sell products.

You can enable SMS communication with SMSBump. The app has an in-built cross-sell feature that simplifies the task of sending cross-sell messages to your customers. Set up an SMS upsell flow to shoppers to send product recommendations and get shoppers to come back and purchase the higher-priced item.

upsell and cross-sell

9. Retargeted Ads

Shoppers spend a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram. This is why many eCommerce stores set up retargeting ads to bring back shoppers to make a purchase. Retarget ads help you remind bounced shoppers about products they previously looked at or added to their cart so that you can have a chance to engage and convert them.

The RetargetApp allows you to set up Facebook and Instagram ads that re-engage shoppers who visited your store, showing products they looked at earlier. Show upgraded products to shoppers who abandoned their cart or display complementary products to shoppers to increase repeat purchases.

upsell and cross-sell

Why You Need to Upsell and Cross-Sell to Increase Shopify Sales

When shoppers start their online shopping journey, many are idly browsing. So, when they reach the end of a product page, they are likely to drop off your store. That is unless you have smartly placed upsell and cross-sell recommendations that will nudge shoppers to keep engaging with your store and make a purchase.

Upselling increases revenue by 10-30% on average. Moreover, Amazon reports that cross-selling and upselling generate as much as 35% of profits.

These upsell and cross-sell tactics can easily be set up with personalized product recommendations. Your shoppers will be shown products similar to what they are looking at or what they previously expressed interest in. This will keep them engaged, making them more inclined to shop from you.

For instance, you can add product recommendations that show ‘Similar Products’ within the product page to make shoppers look at more products once they’ve opened a specific product page. So, if they have intentions of leaving your store after, your product upsell widget can successfully make them stay and even make a purchase.

Saint Cosmetics, a brand that uses Wiser saw a 204% increase in revenue with a ‘Frequently Bought Together’ widget on the checkout page. 

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These upsell and cross-sell strategies set up using personalized product recommendations can help you lower drop-offs, boost engagement, and increase conversions.

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Upsell and cross-sell are tactics set up by even top Shopify stores to help them ensure they don’t lose shoppers. These tactics allow you to successfully engage shoppers without annoying them.

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