Junip-Wiser: Display Star Ratings Under Product Recommendations

Junip-Wiser Shopify app integration

Learn more about the Junip-Wiser integration for Shopify stores.

What’s the one thing you look for as a consumer when making an online purchase? You seek social proof like product ratings and reviews to validate the choice you’re about to make.

Now, what if we said this could actually be a conversion strategy for your Shopify store?

To help you make the most of personalized product recommendations and product ratings (social proof), WISER now integrates with Junip. Here’s everything you need to know about our latest integration!

Junip-WISER integration

Let’s take a look at how the two Shopify apps integrate to serve one purpose for the merchants – driving more conversions.

What is Junip?

Junip is a Shopify app that enables online stores to gather and display product reviews, store reviews, and user-generated content (UGC). Some of the features the app offers include easy installation and setup, automatic product and site review requests on new orders, and from old customers. It also lets you easily customize the product review and rating widgets, as well as the placement on your store pages. Get the app here.

Recap: What is WISER?

WISER is an AI-powered Shopify product recommendations app. It is a Shopify app that enables online stores to personalize buyer experiences on the website, at scale. It comes with a powerful recommendation engine that lets stores display personalized recommendations from the current product catalog, helping visitors explore items of their interest by keeping them contextual engaged. Get the app here.

What does the Junip-WISER integration do?

Now, WISER product recommendation widgets are highly customizable. They let you decide how you want to display the recommended items across the pages to ensure a more interactive and engaging experience for store visitors.

With the Junip integration, we take this customization a notch higher to help you drive more conversions through the widgets.

If you’ve been using Junip to collect product and store ratings so far, you will be able to now display those in the WISER product recommendations widget. Basically, as WISER displays personalized recommendations dynamically, the integration automatically pulls the item’s ratings to be displayed alongside.

Here’s a glimpse at what product ratings look like alongside recommended items in the WISER widget:

Junip-Wiser integration for shopify stores

Benefits of Junip-WISER integration

On-site conversion strategies are important to have and implement on the website to get more sales. Here are some of the benefits of the integration:

  • Leverage social proof to get consumers to click on the product recommendations
  • Add more product insights to recommended items
  • Tap into consumer psychology to keep consumers engaged
  • Reduce the buying/ sales cycle by reducing the need to find social proof outside the website
  • Reduce the back and forth between product pages to make shopping simpler
  • Drive higher conversions and sales per visit

Do you need this integration?

If you have WISER product recommendations displayed on your store, we recommend using this integration with Junip to optimize your strategy for higher conversions.

But if you’re not sure how to use this integration or the benefits of it, you can reach out to our ecommerce experts here.