Best Shopify Plus Apps to Turn Your Online Store Into a Sales Machine

best shopify plus apps to get more conversions and sales

The only list of the best Shopify Plus apps you need to bookmark.

When you upgrade your online store to Shopify Plus, it’s a step towards leveraging advanced features of the ecommerce platform to not just grow your digital presence, but also deliver a more immersive shopping experience to your buyers that relates to your branding in general. That’s where the importance of having the best Shopify Plus apps comes into play and with several options available, we know how difficult it can be to choose one.

To make things simpler, we’re using our experience of having set up thousands of Shopify Plus stores at Expert Village Media, to list out the best Shopify Plus apps for retailers across all industries.

List of the best Shopify Plus apps for online retailers

Before you begin scrolling through the list, please note that we have listed down the best Shopify Plus apps based on the purpose they serve, the features they offer for the same, the customizations available, and integrations with other enterprise–serving solutions, scalability, and customer support/ success offered.

1. WISER personalized product recommendations

More than 80% of consumers today expect brands to personalize their shopping journeys. This includes what they’re presented with on your online store, as well as in your regular communication. WISER is an AI-powered product recommendations app that leverages a powerful machine learning algorithm to understand consumer interests and interactions. It uses this data to learn their preferences in real-time and display product recommendations dynamically across the site. You can also display product recommendations in communication such as emails.

Want to see how product recommendations can increase your conversions and sales? Book a demo of WISER today or get the app here.

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2. Gorgias

As you start to drive more visitors to your website, you may see an increase in the number of support requests you get. There will be those who are seeking shopping assistance and then those who are seeking help regarding your purchase policies. Gorgias enables your Shopify Plus brand to be available to offer help across all channels – on-site (live chat), Facebook, Instagram and email; it brings all your queries onto one dashboard, making it much easier for you to manage with a shared inbox and smart automations. Get the app here.

3. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is one of the leading email marketing tools for ecommerce businesses, that comes with pre-built workflows to automate communication across teh buyer journey – right from the point of their first visit to engagement, purchase intent to making the purchase, and after. It also comes with a set of templates that makes it easy for you to send branded emails to customers. Get the app here.

4. Referral Candy

Word of mouth marketing is one of teh most effective ways to acquire customers who are likely to make a purchase from your store. But getting recommended or getting referrals is easier said than done because you need to motivate your existing customers to proactively participate. Referral Candy helps you set up a referral program that rewards customers for recommending your brand in their network, and also makes it a lot easier for them to share across different platforms and channels. Get the app here.

5. Searchanise

About 73% of online shoppers use the site search functionality to be able to look for products and services they’re interested in, faster. Now the default Shopify search bar/ functionality may look like it serves the purpose, it is often not effective at capturing the intent of a visitor. Searchanise helps you set up a powerful search functionality on your store; this includes auto-suggest, no-results page, typo tolerance, synonym search, product filters, image search and other features that enable easy search for the consumers. Get the app here.

6. Lookbook

A picture says more than a thousand words; it helps consumers visualise what and how a product or service they’re interested in, appears in real. Apart from the product images, a lookbook gives them a glimpse into the use of the item, helping them see how it adds value to them, and getting them to make a purchase decision much faster. That’s why Lookbook is one of the apps that is extensively used by Shopify Plus stores for better visual marketing. Get the app here.

7. Plug in SEO

Almost 60% of online shopping journeys start from the search engine, and that’s why it is important for ecommerce businesses to ensure their site is optimized for search. Plug in SEO helps even the most expansive of online stores keep all their web pages as well as media assets SEO-optimized; this includes being able to optimize for the right keywords, altering URLs, adding meta data, ALT text and so on. Get the app here.

8. PostScript

As of today, SMS marketing is one of the most effective channels to reach your consumers. With a 98% open rate, text message campaigns also see an average of 45% click through rates, leading to much higher conversions as compared to other channels. PostScript helps you not just set up automated text message campaigns, but also track them with ease and maintain compliances and regulations set in different demographics. Get the app here.

9. Flits

As your brand grows, the expectations of customer experience increase as well. With the likes of Amazon having made shopping so much simpler by offering customer account pages, shoppers today expect an online shopping space of their own on ‘good’ stores. Flits helps you set up a customer account page with advanced features like social login, wishlists, order history, store credits and more, in minutes, using editable templates. Get the app here.

10. PlobalApps

Mobile commerce makes for almost 60% of an ecommerce business’s revenue. But getting consumers to make purchase on the go, and more proactively, now requires you to offer more than just a responsive website. With leading brands offering mobile apps to make shopping simpler, it’s important for businesses to catch up as well. PlobalApps helps brands create native mobile apps for both Android and iOS, leveraging PWAs without the added cost and time of development. Get the app here.

11. Shogun

Now as you move to Shopify Plus, you get to leverage features like the launchpad to experiment with different types of campaigns for marketing and sales. This may require you to set up custom landing pages, create a temporary web page or even add more pages to your existing site as quickly as possible. Shogun is a Shopify Plus app that helps you do the same with the help of customizable templates as well as an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Get the app here.

12. AfterShip

Irrespective of the purchase value, most ecommerce businesses see return, refund and exchange requests on products. It’s important for businesses to make this process simpler for both the consumers and themselves to manage the orders. AfterShip helps you set up an your return/ refund/ exchange policies, and also a management platform. The order tracking feature further helps you ease the post-purchase experience for consumers. Get the app here.

13. Recharge Subscriptions

Ecommerce subscriptions are becoming a go-to for most consumers to ease their regular shopping requirements. The business model is now booming across all industries, helping businesses generate recurring revenue and sales, whilst helping with customer loyalty and retention. Recharge Subscriptions helps you set up tailored subscription models for different durations, types, specific products and more, making them both easy to shop as well as edit for the consumers. Get the app here.

14. AdRoll

One of the most effective channels to drive traffic to an ecoommerce website is active marketing and advertising on both social media and the search engines. But owing to the increased competition on all these channels, it’s important to continually optimize your campaigns. Adroll helps with the same by enabling automated retargeting and remarketing across channels. Get the app here.


Even as your brand scales, it’s important to keep your focus on customer retention. This is where setting up a powerful customer loyalty program comes into play and helps you with exactly that. It helps you set up a loyalty program with an easy-to-interact with interface on the website, that rewards them with points, store credits or even cashback for actions such as making purchases, leaving product reviews, etc. Get the app here.

Which of the best Shopify Plus apps do you really need?

The ground rules for installing an app on your Shopify Plus store should remain the same. As ecommerce experts, we recommend adding only those apps that you truly require, and removing any that are additional or currently not in use. The idea is to keep your store speed optimized as well at all times and with a scaling business, you cannot afford to let the increasing number of visitors experience a slow or lagging shopping experience.

Not sure which of the best Shopify apps suits your business objectives and goals the best? Speak to our ecommerce experts today.