Plans will switch based on your monthly store orders.



0 to 50 Orders/mo
  • AI based Recommendations
  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Manual Recommendations
  • Detailed Analytics & Reports
  • Thankyou page recommendations
  • Best Sellers & New Arrivals
  • Email Recommendations
  • Related Products
  • Smart Upsell Popups
  • Fortnightly Reports
  • A/B Performance Testing

Custom Plan

For stores with more than
1500 orders per month

  • All features of the app including these:-

  • Post Purchase Upsell
  • Checkout Page Recommendations
  • API Access
  • Frequently Bought Together With Bundle Discount
  • Dynamic Email Recommendations
  • Cart Drawer Upsell
  • Wiser Cart - Advanced Cart Drawer
  • Customer Journey Insights
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Fortnightly Reports
  • Conversion Rate Monitoring & Optimization
  • Customizations


We recently updated our pricing structure. Now you will get charged based on your monthly store orders. You can drag the slider above and check the fee you will get charged based on your total monthly store orders.
Yes, if your monthly store orders are less than 50, you can use the app for free. Once your store orders are more than that then we will start charging you.
Yes, there is a standard 30 days Free Trial for all users. We charge a store after 30 days so if you uninstall the app within 30 days, we will not charge your store.
All the orders in your store admin will be counted for billing.
When a customer clicks on product recommendations shown by Wiser app, and buy that product by completing the checkout, we count it as a sale generated by Wiser app. You can check it in Analytics tab of app with all the details of the order.
Yes your app plan will be switched automatically as per the order count in any given month from your store.
We recommend to go for our custom plan then, as that plan is for stores with high volume sales. Else we will charge $200 for every additional 500 orders.
As this is a variable billing based on order count, we reserve a certain capped amount for billing, from which we can charge the store. A capped amount doesn't mean we will charge exact same amount to you. Billing will be still based on as per plan.

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