A/B testing for Shopify product recommendations
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What is A/B testing on
product recommendations?

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a method of comparing two versions of your online storefront against each other to determine which one drives better conversions.

In this case, the two variations will have different types of product recommendations set up on the same page type.

For example, showing ‘related products’ on the product page in version 1 and ‘inspired by browsing’ recommendations on version 2.

Why should you run A/B
testing on product

Every online shopper is different and the way they interact with your Shopify store will vary too.

While some might be interested in exploring ‘similar products’ to the ones they are checking out, others may actually like to explore ‘frequently bought together’ products to make a purchase.

The only way to know, is to make a data driven decision with the help of A/B testing!

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best product recommendations app for Shopify

Benefits of A/B testing Shopify product
recommendations with WISER

Improve on-site CTR and conversion rate with the right recommendation strategy.

Improve online shopping journeys for different customer segments.

Take data-driven decisions to create a high-converting Shopify storefront.

How to run A/B tests on Shopify product

best product recommendations app for Shopify

Shopify expert tips for
running A/B tests on personalized
product recommendations

  • Select a Shopify product recommendations app like WISER that comes with 20+ features and widgets
  • Ensure the app offers a powerful AI-based recommendation engine
  • Understand the different types of product recommendations and their impact
  • Seek help from app success managers to set up A/B tests
  • Run your tests long enough
  • Repeat tests if you see promising results to validate results
  • Keep a close watch on KPIs with WISER analytics
  • Segment your audience frequently
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