Zamage increases conversions by 36% with personalized product recommendations

See how a leading men’s clothing and fashion accessories brand uses Wiser for product recommendations to increase sales.

  • Increase In Sales
  • Increase In AOV
  • Wiser Generated Sales

About Zamage is a leading Shopify Plus brand established in 2004 and known for its collection in men’s fashion clothing and accessories in every style.

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See how uses Wiser for
product recommendations

Top used product recommendation widgets and results

$1486.17 Sales

$415.78 Sales

Display trending, top-selling
and new arrivals to first-time
visitors on the homepage reduces their homepage bounce rate by displaying trending, new and top-selling products on their store.

This also helps them engage a new visitor instantly using purchase and browsing data from similar shoppers and learn more about their preferences.

Recommend products inspired
by browsing to returning visitors

An average online shopper browses at least five stores before making a purchase to explore options. captures a returning visitor’s attention by introducing them to more products similar to what they showed an affinity towards.

Display related products on
product pages to boost discovery ensures that they keep a visitor engaged by displaying related products to the items they are browsing through.

The product page recommendations help guide a shopper’s journey from one product to another based on item categories similar or complimenting to the current one.

Recently viewed product
recommendations to shorten
purchase journey

The fashion brand also uses the recently viewed products widget to help online shoppers pick up where they left off.

This helps them find products they liked much more easily, moving towards checkout faster.


Increase In Sales


Increase In AOV


Wiser Generated Sales x Wiser is currently experimenting with different types of product recommendations at buyer stages. Some of them include:

  • Featured collections
  • Email product recommendations
  • Featured collections
    And more.

Learn more about types of recommendations here.

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