Skull Shaver generates $103,209.98 sales through product recommendations in 30 days

See how a global brand known for its grooming products uses Wiser to display product recommendations.

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About Skull Shaver

Skull Shaver is a global brand known for its new-age, technology-driven grooming products. Their patented electric shavers for men and women have taken the industry by a storm, becoming the best in class products available.

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See how Skull Shaver uses Wiser for
product recommendations

Top used product recommendation widgets and results

$59543.87 Sales

$15137.36 Sales

$12358.43 Sales

Display best sellers on the homepage

Skull Shaver sees a lot of traffic landing on their homepage. To be able to guide their shopping journey towards favorable outcomes, they display their best sellers on the up, front and center.

This helps new visitors see products that others like them are purchasing, nudging them to do the same.

Recommend frequently bought
together items on product pages

Skull Shaver understands their consumer needs and ensures they deliver a complete experience.

To do this, they recommend frequently bought together items on product pages to ensure a consumer has everything they need for a smooth experience!

Introduce new products with
related item recommendations

The grooming brand has a smart upsell and cross-sell strategy implemented through Wiser product recommendations.

They display ‘you may also like’ or ‘related products’ on the product pages that take into account visitor intent and interest to introduce them to more items on the store.

Display recently viewed
products to shorten purchase

Skull Shaver simplifies online shopping by removing the back and forth between product pages.

Visitors can easily view and access their recently viewed products to go back to a page, helping them reach the purchase stage faster.

Promote new arrivals on product pages

To help visitors discover their new arrivals, Skull Shaver adds them to their product pages through a Wiser recommendation widget.

Based on the item that a visitor is viewing, this widget helps them discover other products in the same category that are new to the collection.


Increase In Sales


Increase In AOV


Wiser Generated Sales

Skull Shaver x Wiser

Skull Shaver is currently working with our customer success team to experiment with other types of product recommendation widgets across the buyer cycle with detailed in-app analytics. Some of them include:

  • Small upsell popup
  • Email product recommendations
  • Inspired by browsing recommendations
  • Featured collections
    And more.

Learn more about types of recommendations here.