Last Object increases conversions by 20% using product recommendations

See how a global brand focusing on creating reusable alternatives to single-use products uses Wiser to optimize buyer journeys.

  • Increase In Sales
  • Increase In AOV
  • Wiser Generated Sales

About Last Object

Last Object is a sustainable brand that is focusing on bringing longevity to single-use products by innovating alternatives. Their goal is to introduce consumers to sustainable alternatives and reduce their carbon footprint.

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See how Last Object uses Wiser for
product recommendations

Top used product recommendation widgets and results

$3194.06 Sales

$2194 Sales

$128 Sales

Introduce new items through ‘you may like’ product recommendations

Skull Shaver sees a lot of traffic landing on their homepage. To be able to guide their shopping journey towards favorable outcomes, they display their best sellers on the up, front and center.

This helps new visitors see products that others like them are purchasing, nudging them to do the same.

Ensure complete purchases with ‘frequently bought together’ recommendations

Sustainability is an experience and Last Object knows how important it is to turn the very first experience into a lifestyle.

They display frequently bought together recommendations to ensure consumers are able to experience the value offered by products in totality.

Display related products on the cart page

Last Object also makes sure that they target visitors who are ready to make a purchase with recommendations, keeping in mind that they may have missed other products.

But to make sure their recommendations are contextual, they display only related products to what the visitor has in cart already, making them more likely to add those as well.

Showcase top-selling products on the cart page

Most consumers come to an online store with a specific product in mind. But that doesn’t make them less interested in what other items could be of use to them.

Last Object displays top-selling items on the cart page, to nudge the visitor to add products that consumers like them are finding value in.


Increase In Sales


Increase In AOV


Wiser Generated Sales

Last Object x Wiser

Last Object and the customer success team at Wiser are continually learning from performance metrics to optimize their on-site experience for more conversions with product recommendations. Some of the include:

  • Thank you page recommendations
  • Popup recommendations
  • Different cart page recommendations
    And more.

Learn more about types of recommendations here.

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