Our Experience at the Shopify Meetup in Nepal!

shopify meetup in kathmandu nepal

Our Experience at the Shopify Meetup in Nepal!

While building Expert Village Media, we had the chance to network with thousands of Shopify partners and experts across the world, proactively.

But when we were building WISER for the Shopify ecosystem, the pandemic hit. While we still got to work with leading Shopify and Shopify Plus brands from across the globe, we missed meeting the partners in person.

As we start to resume networking post-pandemic, we got the chance to not just attend but become a speaker for the Shopify meetup in Nepal.

To say the least, the experience was exhilarating and insightful and we came back with so many actionable for our own team!

Here’s a summary of what we and other speakers at the event spoke about at length during the shopify meetup and networking session.

Shopify Meetup Nepal Takeaways

shopify meetup in kathmandu, nepal

1. Amit Porwal (CEO and Founder of WISER) At Shopify Meetup

  • Shared our experience as Shopify experts with over a decade of experience, building Expert Village media and an ecosystem of 10+ powerful apps for online businesses
  • Tackling increasing competition in the Shopify partner ecosystem to grow your app and build a consistent revenue stream
  • Exploring Organic and paid growth strategies for Shopify app growth, and our experience with the same
  • Mistakes to avoid making as you build your Shopify app and grow the team across all departments
  • The importance of having the right team in place
  • Introducing WISER In Shopify meetup – a powerful Shopify app to enable online stores to display personalized product recommendations with the help of an AI-driven engine

To read in detail, browse through the speaker deck our Founder shared here.


2. Gunjan Patel (CEO and Founder of FLITS) At Shopify Meetup

  • Introduction to FLITS, a Shopify app for customer account pages that helps boost customer engagement and loyalty in the long run
  • A comprehensive look at the growth journey of the Shopify app, and is the first in the ecosystem to solve the problem of customer account pages for Shopify merchants
  • The importance of identifying your niche and focusing on building an app focused on solving the same in a holistic way
  • The importance of saying no to customizations or extra paid services when you are selling SaaS products, and how it impacts your overall growth
  • Building a team with the mindset of enabling customers to do their best and succeed on all fronts

3. Malaw Manandhar (Ecommerce specialist at Gyrovi Technology) At Shopify Meetup

  • Introduction to Gyrovi Technology in Shopify meetup, a team of Shopify experts based out of Kathmandu, who are focused on enabling brands to go online and succeed by leveraging the features offered by the Shopify ecommerce platform
  • A comprehensive look at the new features and capabilities of the Online Store 2.0 for both merchants and app developers in the Shopify ecosystem
  • How to leverage the new web developer tools at hand to build powerful Shopify apps that are design-first and customer-first

The speaker sessions were followed up by an extensive networking session wherein we got the chance to meet many new Shopify partners (app developers and agencies) in the Shopify meetup, and those that want to join the Shopify family.

While we are looking forward to attending more of these events this year and beyond, if you’re someone exploring the ecosystem, feel free to reach out to us for a brainstorming session anytime!