How to Increase Conversion Rate, Cart Value & Average Order Value by Cart Drawer Upsell & Recommendations?

cart drawer upselling and recommendations

In today’s competitive e-commerce world, it’s essential to use every tool available to increase your store’s conversion rate, cart value, and average order value. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using cart drawer upsell and recommendations.

Following the latest trends, we are sure that you have a cart drawer for your e-commerce website. But, are you able to use your cart drawer to its extreme potential? Is it helping you increase conversions or average order value?

If your answer is yes, Kudos to you for working great for your business. On the contrary, if it is a ‘No’ then it is an alarming situation because you have missed a lot of your potential revenue.

Wait! Don’t sweat it. Better late than never.

Wondering how a cart drawer can help you increase cart value and conversions? 

Through this post, we will upskill you to make the most from your cart drawer, and increase your conversion rate, cart value and average order value by cart drawer upsell and recommendations.

Best Tactics to Increase Conversion and AOV by Cart Drawer Upsells & Recommendations

  • One-click (add to cart) recommended products- well-optimized cart drawers will feature product recommendations but there has to be a provision to add these recommended products instantly to the cart and do not have to undergo a long process. A smooth check-out experience is directly linked to a higher conversion rate in e-commerce.Cart drawer upselling product recommendations
  • Give rewards to make choices easier for customers – cart drawer upselling can assist in offering rewards to customers. The aim is to nudge the customer towards an impulse buy. The customer has already spent time deciding the product he wants to buy from your store. You have already convinced them to make an initial purchase, but now it’s time to make a special offer so that they spend a little more. An easy reward offering here can play well. A customer spending 600 to buy lipstick can be motivated to buy one more lipstick worth rupees 500 and get a nail lacquer free of cost.
  • Creating personalized offers – the cart drawer upsell feature has the provision to create personalized offers for your customers. For example, offering 200 instant cashback in your wallet on a minimum order value of 1299. There is likely a higher chance that a customer might spend 400 rupees extra if he was spending 900 rupees. Hence, the extra 200 rupees is in your pocket. Let’s take one more example, a surprise gift box from a beauty brand for buying shampoo, oil, and conditioner altogether from any brand of the customer’s choice.
WISER – The Product Recommendation app can lend you a hand here. The app will assist you with a range of features like AI-based Frequently bought together, recently reviewed products, Manual recommendations, Slide Cart Upsell, Checkout upsell, Related Products, You may also like, Thankyou page recommendations, user behavior-based recommendations, and much more.
  • Offering free shipping – A common method to upsell can do wonders if your cart drawer entails this feature. This feature can be used to showcase to customers how much more they need to add to their cart to qualify for free shipping. This acts as an incentive for them to look at products at specific price points to meet the minimum and rewards your pocket.

cart drawer free shipping

  • Add value to products a customer has added to the cart – the thing that can sway a customer’s decision to buy something more than just what has been already added to cart is showcasing add-ons. Hence, a cart drawer featuring add-ons while the customer is all set to checkout can do the trick. These add-ons can include additional features, sample-size products, or bonus products.
  • Reduced rate of the unattended cart – the most promising thing a cart drawer upselling can do is reduce the cart abandonment rate of your online store. The feature to view and add recommended or new products, add-ons, seasonal offers, etc. in just a click to the cart, simplifies the checkout process and offers an enhanced customer shopping experience, thus enabling your cart to be never left unattended. 

Cart Drawer Upselling and recommendationsTo make the long story short, you should have a cart drawer for your e-commerce website that can help you showcase at least 5 products that include top-selling products, frequently bought together, related products and add-ons, recently viewed, new arrivals, and seasonal offers. The cart drawer upsells and recommendations can be very good fixes to eliminate the long and tedious checkout process enabling you to boost your cart value and average order value. It makes it easy for a customer to quickly add a product to a cart and complete the purchase with one click instant checkout which will automatically increase the conversion rate of the website.